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Shimodate Takigi-Noh

Dynamism confined in quiet movement takes you to a world of illusion beyond time.

Shimodate Takigi-NohShimodate Takigi-Noh

 Shimodate Takigi-Noh was first performed in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1989, as part of the 35th anniversary project of the inauguration of city service.
 Nakadate Kannonji Temple has roots connected to an ancestor of Date Masamune, a famous lord of the Rikuzen area (current Miyagi Prefecture) in the Age of Civil War. The Shimodate Takigi-Noh was conducted on the temple at night. Many were enchanted by the world of Noh, performed in the light of the bonfire.
 The event was realized by the efforts of Shigeru Morita, an oil painter born in Shimodate. He was awarded the Order of Culture, and is a member of the Japan Art Academy.
 Since then, the performance has been conducted in autumn every year.
 The subtle yet profound world of Noh performed in the light of a bonfire is heightened by the harmony of the actors’ brilliant performances and the combination of dignified atmosphere and surrounding nature. The audience is mesmerized, transported back to an ancient time.

Shimodate Takigi-NohShimodate Takigi-Noh

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