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Shimodate Tourou-Nagashi

Shimodate Tourou-Nagashi Tourou floats down the dark surface of the Gongyo River. The Mantou is to commemorate all souls.
 On the first Saturday of August, the Tourou Nagashi is conducted at the Gongyou River. It was originally conducted to commemorate the victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake; however, it was later changed to honor the memory of the victims of war.
 The Tourous quietly float down the river one by one in the evening twilight.

Shimodate Tourou-Nagashi
Shimodate Tourou-Nagashi
The scene where beautiful lights are reflected on the dark surface of the River makes everyone the poet.
It is conducted near Route 50 on the side of the Gongyou River in Kanai chou, Chikusei. People enjoy yomise (snack bars).
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